Are sea freight rates going up crazy?

                             Are sea freight rates going up crazy?


From April until now, sea freight rates have continued to rise. According to the current trend, freight rates will reach their peak in June. What is the reason for the increase in sea freight prices?


1. This price increase for all routes mainly started in South America. The main reason for the price increase in South America is that Brazil will impose additional tariffs on Chinese new energy vehicles in July and in the future. BYD is planning to build a factory in Brazil and is expected to ship 20,000 containers, resulting in Due to insufficient shipping capacity, COSCO decided to send ships to West Africa and to South America, which led to widespread price increases in West Africa!


2. In addition, the United States has announced that it will impose 50-60% tariffs on China in the future, which will lead some Chinese companies to increase investment in South America!


3. European cargo volume is relatively stable, but due to the impact of the Houthi Red Sea crisis, the shipping schedule is long, resulting in an increase in the number of ships that need to be operated, which will also lead to a relatively tight shipping capacity.


How can we operate our orders efficiently in this case?



If you really have a plan, you can consider occupying a few positions appropriately. In addition, you can also pay attention to changes in designated cargo. Slow delivery of designated cargo means that the position is indeed tight. In this case, it need you to do the  plan early!

What’s more, you can get close to 5 days before the ship sails to pick up any leaks and find current cabins. You may also find relatively cheap positions!


In view of this situation, since it takes time to communicate information with the designated freight forwarder, we recommend that we can help you book space directly from our cooperative freight forwarding company.


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