High temperature is coming, Chemical plant maintenance surge begins in June!

It is reported that with the arrival of the second quarter, more and more chemical companies have started plans to shut down for maintenance. Among them, there are many industries such as petrochemicals, fine chemicals, and coal chemical industries.


With the highest temperature reaching 41.9°C in some areas of the country, and it coincides with the Safety Production Month. According to past experience, it is expected that starting from this month, safety production inspections, peak-shifting power consumption/power rationing and other measures will be rolled out across the country, which will affect According to the production situation of some raw materials, it is expected that the chemical market will have an upward trend in June. Therefore, customers who have purchasing needs in the near future can place orders as soon as possible and arrange production for you in advance.


During the high temperature period every summer, frontline workers shorten their continuous working hours and even stop production during the high temperature period, especially for our chemical products, such as TCCA, SDIC, etc. These will inevitably affect the entire production progress, our product production cycle will also increase accordingly. Customers can adjust the material supply cycle, increase inventory quantity, and place orders in advance when making production plans.




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