CAS 7778-54-3 Calcium hypochlorite

Product Name:Calcium hypochlorite
Appearance:White Grey Power, Granular or Tablet
CAS No.: 7778-54-3
HS Code:28281000
Package: 10/25/40/45 kg Drum or Customized package

Description of Calcium hypochlorite:

Calcium hypochlorite is an inorganic compound with formula Ca(ClO)2. It is a white solid, although commercial samples appear yellow. It strongly smells of chlorine, owing to its slow decomposition in moist air. This compound is relatively stable as a solid and solution and has greater available chlorine than sodium hypochlorite. "Pure" samples have 99.2% active chlorine. Given common industrial purity, an active chlorine content of 65-70% is typical. It is the main active ingredient of commercial products called bleaching powder, used for water treatment and as a bleaching agent.

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Specification of Calcium hypochlorite:

Calcium Hypochlorite 65%:

NoTest ItemsStandardsTest Results
1Available Chlorine65% Min68.21%
2Moisture5--10% max6.21%
3Size355μm-1.6mm 95% passqualified

Calcium Hypochlorite 70%:

NoTest ItemsStandardsTest Results
1Available Chlorine70% Min70.51%
2Moisture4--10% max6.21%
3Size (355μm-1.6mm)90% min96%

Application of Calcium hypochlorite:

Used for bleaching cotton, linen, pulp, silk fiber fabrics, sterilization and disinfection of drinking water, swimming pool water, etc., purification of acetylene, etc

Antimicrobial agents; Tap water purifier; Disinfectants; Bleach.

Mainly used for bleaching cotton and linen textiles, chemical fibers, pulp, and starch, as well as for disinfection and sterilization of drinking water and swimming pool water.


Package of Calcium hypochlorite:

45KG round drum, 24.8MT/20'FCL;

40KG round drum, 21.76MT/20'FCL;

50kg Octagon drum,22.5MT/20'FCL;

40kg American drum,18MT/20'FCL;

50kg Square drum,22.5MT/20'FCL;

Or customize according to your preferences.



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